WRC 7: new online game World Rally Championship

Wrc 7 had it’s debut in September 2017, the final chapter of the saga of the official World Championship Rally. Embark on an adventure produced by Kylotonn, sponsored by exceptional drivers that helped to sculpt the driving model. Here we offer a summary of its salient features.



From Shooter to Four Wheels

The development team Kylotonn found in Paris in 2002. The original name of the company was 4 x Studios, although it had very little to do with the homonymous software. Their first project was the Ironstorm shooter, but it is Bet On Soldier that achieved moderate commercial success. Unfortunately, the rest of the team’s projects were pretty maligned by critics and audiences. o the Paris based company decided to change direction and throw themselves on the racing tracks.

New Rules

WRC 7 is not a title dedicated to fundamentalists of the simulation, but that does not mean it gives up on a good deal of plausibility. The next chapter in the historical series is upgraded to the rules of the Global 2017, designed to make the competition much more spectacular. The cars in the race for the new season are much more aggressive. Thanks to increased power that can reach up to 380 horsepower, 60 more than the last edition of the game. The increase in turbo flange (from 33 mm of 2016 to 36 this year), the above all the reduction of weight (25 kg), and greater freedom in the design of aerodynamic parts will make the media more snappy and fast.

All Features of the Phenomenon

WRC 7 will include all 13 rallies from season 2017, rebuilt much more carefully than in the past, to replicate defects typical of soil surfaces, such as cracks, bumps, and roughness. From the snow of Finland all the way to dust from the Australian desert, WRC 7 there has a total of 52 tracks. There are 260 car models to choose from including some inevitable “historical” vehicles. The cars from which you can choose range from Toyota Yaris, Citroën C3, Hyundai i20 Coupe and Ford Fiesta RS. Furthermore, the team also promises a mysterious “bonus car,” which fans would surely appreciate. The addition of new teams raises the number to a total of 55 from which player can choose. This thrilling game has also been the inspiration for creating various casino games. You can check them out, in addition to other well-known casino staples like poker and blackjack on the best online gambling site Ellis-Island-Online-Casino.

Look & Feel

WRC 7 uses a proprietary engine that is continuously improved with every iteration of the game. In addition to working on the road surface and the physics of the cars, even the lighting system was rebuilt. From complex refraction of light on the machine’s frame to polygon models of cars, there is a substantial overall improvement in the graphics. Similarly, background elements have undergone substantial changes, and in turn, feel more lush and alive. An addition to the game’s quality is the reproduction of sounds recorded live by high-definition shots from inside of moving vehicles. Dare to feel the speed of the best racing-themed casino games with the help of the Slotkar website. Inside you will come across to the best free car racing slots games and much more, that will satisfy easily your appetite for speed and stamina, and rewarding you with the best money prizes.

E-sports Merging with Real Life

Working together, Kylotonn and FIA are able to parallel digital competitions with the real ones. The development team also announced that access to races would be completely free.